The Tree Hotel at Cadmore End offers Thai, Indian and European food from their three specialist chefs and regularly host business lunches. Managing Director Kavita Pal talks about her top business lunch tips:-

1.Try and avoid drinking too much alcohol, even if your guest is having a few! Stick to one or two; remember it is a business lunch after all.

2. Spice up your sandwiches with some unusual ingredients.  Beautiful white crab meat crostini’s can be given a small kick with a touch of Dijon mustard, or make wasabi mayonnaise to go in prawn sandwiches.  

3. For conference lunches or for large numbers buffets are always a good bet.  If you are keeping it simple serve a selection of sandwiches or healthy wraps and serve some sorbet or poached pear to sweeten up your clients.

4. It may sounds obvious but, no messy foods! Avoid food with sauces, especially spaghetti, you do not want food all over your clothes.

5. For something really exciting, try our curry tiffins for a business lunch with a difference.

6. If you’re having a limited menu for your business lunch, ensure that all your guests are catered for if they have special dietary requirements. Don’t give vegetarians boring food as it only shows a lack of imagination and courtesy.  Offer a low carb option such as a smorgasbord of open sandwiches to reduce the amount of bread.

7. Instead of serving orange juice and sparkling water at your business lunch, offer your guests something more interesting like an elderflower spritzer or a sweet lassi.

8. Don’t be in a rush! Take your time with your meal and eat slowly. Your guest will feel uncomfortable if they’re still talking and you have an empty plate. Be aware of what stage they are at and eat at a similar pace to them.

9. To get the best results from your business lunch, timing of the meeting is crucial. If you arrange your lunch too late your guests may be tired and hungry and will not be fully engaged.

10. Finger foods are great for business lunches because then you can have a bit of everything! Try delicious chicken lollipops or mini lamb patties.


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